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Nov. 11th, 2009


Tenth Doctor/Andruthen Roheyna, Elven Palace, Scene Two - Morning, R

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Andruthen came awake all at once, as he often did; centuries of training for battles he was never sent to had rendered him virtually incapable of waking slowly. It was a habit he often cursed, though this time it had been prompted by the feeling that there was something... different about his situation.

The first thought that struck him was that he was not alone in his bed.Collapse )

Oct. 6th, 2009


Tenth Doctor/Andruthen Rohenya, Elven Palace, First Scene - Beginning (Part Two), NC-17

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Andruthen laughed softly, feeling his glow brighten - the elven approximation of blushing. "You can ask me whatever you wish, dearheart. But I think that might be a question for later, yes?" he added as the other man hissed in pain.

He listened to the explanation of what his soul was going through. Somehow, he felt he understood better than the other man might think.Collapse )

Tenth Doctor/Andruthen Rohenya, Elven Palace, First Scene - Beginning (Part One), PG-13

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This wasn't the way the next regeneration was supposed to happen.

The Doctor was thrown from side to side in the Tardis, feeling the familiar time and space displacement when the ship landed somewhere. How had this happened? he thought, stumbling to the console as he tried to avoid being struck by the bolts of energy that the Time Vortex was somehow aiming at him. How had the damned Vortex ended up in his ship? It made no sense.

But then, a lot of things in his life had made no sense. He should be used to that.Collapse )